Ministry of Armed Forces

Several hundred users deployed in complete agility !

500 euros
of savings

per year and per supplier thanks to better data management

90 %

time saved thanks to smart sourcing

supplier knowledge

Through access to reliable data updated in real time

Biggest buyer of the French government, the Ministry of Armed Forces (MINARM) needed a sourcing tool to help the procurement departement achieve its objectives. The Ministry’s “Procurement Mission” therefore turned to Silex to optimize its processes with a solution that is easy and quick to deploy.

About the Ministry of Armed Forces

With nearly 20 billion euros in annual purchases, the Ministry of Armed Forces carries out each year a quarter of all French governement purchases excluding armament equipment, ie 5 billion euros. Composed of several thousand buyers spread throughout France, it is the largest government procurement organization.

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provided by Silex to the MINARM

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Crucial issues

Optimize the procurement of the first buyer in France

As a public procurement department, the Ministry must contribute to the performance objectives set by the Government Purchasing Department (DAE) to ensure professionalization of public procurement.

The proper implementation of the sourcing practice makes it possible to address major performance issues:

  • Secure the effective application of existing procurement strategies and detect new pooling opportunities (ministerial and interministerial)

  • Identify realistic procurement savings potential

  • Identify procurement projects with potential to achieve the objectives of sustainable development, access for small and medium-sized enterprises to public procurement and the dissemination of innovation

  • Reinforce the capacity of anticipation of the procurement entities and the adequacy of the cost plan.

The challenge

Reduce sourcing procedures with an easily deployable solution

Manual constitution of supplier panels

Time-consuming sourcing procedures

Purchasing and data solutions not integrated with each other

Difficulties to
access data

Procurement team made up of thousands of buyers

Lack of homogenization

of sourcing processes

The results

of sourcing

Reinforcement of procurement covered by a sourcing procedure


Automation of supplier panel creation: 2 hours maximum

Express deployment

150 users trained in one week

Since the implementation of Silex, the time devoted to sourcing has been reduced by 90%, allowing buyers to carry out much more sourcing and to be able to renew the suppliers in their panels. For example, between 2018 and 2019, the Ministry increased its spending by 8.3% with SMEs and mid-sized companies. However, the access of this type of company to public procurement is a major issue of performance in public procurement.

In 2019, Silex and the Ministry of the Armed Forces won Silver at the “Trophées Décisions Achats” in the Agility category. It is the consecration of a successful collaboration between a start-up and the defense giant which reminds us that it is possible for these two types of structures to work in synergy around shared objectives.

Discover the solutions
provided by Silex to the MINARM

Download the full case study

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