Metropole Toulon Provence Mediterranee

Toulon Metropole puts sustainable procurement at the center of its territorial project thanks to intelligent sourcing

Time saving

Accelerated sourcing procedures

Knowledge of the suppliers offer

Easier identification of economic operators

Contracts and tenders attractiveness

Increase in applications and renewal of suppliers

Created in 2018, the Metropole Toulon Provence Mediterranee aims to make its procurement a real economic driving force while developing a virtuous and innovative public procurement. To achieve its objectives, it needed to renew its methods of sourcing and consulting of public contracts. By choosing Silex, the purchasing function has been able to discover more economic operators and identify more efficient solutions to meet its needs.

About the Metropole Toulon Provence Mediterranee

The Metropole Toulon Provence Mediterranee (MTPM) became the 14th French metropolis in 2018. Composed of 12 municipalities and more than 400,000 inhabitants, the metropolis manages a large volume of purchases, and has a budget of more than 600 million euros annually to do so.

In order to improve its performance, the Metropole’s procurement has been separated into two distinct departments: the Public Order Department, which is responsible for consultation procedures, and the Purchasing Strategy, Management and Evaluation Department, which is responsible for the entire early phase of the purchasing process and for performance evaluation.

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Crucial issues

Build a responsible procurement policy that fits into the territory’s ecosystem

The Metropole Toulon Provence Mediterranee wants to be a real economic driving force within the territory and to conduct a virtuous purchasing policy that stimulates sustainable development, social inclusion and innovation.

The national context is conducive to these ambitions with new legislative provisions, such as the AGEC law, the climate and resilience law, but also the National Plan for Responsible Purchasing (PNAD), which sets targets for the integration of social and environmental clauses in public contracts by 2025.

In December 2022, the MTPM adopted its plan to promote socially and environmentally responsible public procurement (Spaser), which includes ambitious objectives to put public procurement at the service of an eco-responsible, supportive, competitive and innovative metropolis. The metropolis works in particular with the “Maison de l’emploi” and the “Mission locale des jeunes toulonnais” to promote professional integration.

As a stakeholder in a vast and complex ecosystem, the metropolis wishes to improve the efficiency of its procedures in order to identify the know-how it needs. Thus, the Purchasing function has set itself several objectives:

  • Professionalize its sourcing to improve its knowledge of the markets;
  • Adopt a more functional approach for its various needs;
  • Generalize the procedures of request for information to better know the offers and the capacities of the economic operators.

Public procurement is a driving force of the economy, and it can do even more than that. We are sensitive to the anchoring of public procurement in the local ecosystem. This is an old issue for public procurement that must be adressed and, today, we have the tools to do so intelligently and in compliance with the rules of public procurement.

Laurent Lequilliec, Head of the Prospective & Performance of Purchasing Department at Metropole Toulon Provence Mediterranee

The challenge

Limited use of sourcing and an unprofessionalized approach that limits the performance of public procurement

Lack of visibility and knowledge of the offer

Difficulty in capturing know-how and innovation, and new suppliers

Opaque and poorly supervised procedures

Anxiogenic for buyers and unattractive for economic operators

Limited sourcing and little renewal of suppliers

Lack of candidates to replace incumbents


Matching the need with the offer

A more functional specification that improves response rates

Encouragement of competition

Performance gain through purchasing savings and identification of know-how

Targeted, secure and transparent sourcing

Simplified implementation of sustainable procurement strategies and innovative purchasing

Intelligent sourcing has enabled the city’s buyers to improve their performance and gain in efficiency. This sourcing method also allows them to comply with the regulations and to follow the principles of the “public order code” to the letter.

Thanks to sourcing, they manage to identify new operators to respond to markets and potentially increase the attractiveness of consultations to generate financial and operational gains.

In addition, smart sourcing facilitates the inclusion of social and environmental considerations in contracts in a more mature way.

As an example, sourcing allowed buyers to realize that they could find solutions compatible with the AGEC law on a contract related to street furniture. They were thus able to define an allotment and make a more virtuous purchase thanks to a better knowledge of the market. Moreover, the city should manage to reach, and even exceed, the objective of 30% of public contracts having to contain a social clause, set by the PNAD for 2025.

With Silex, the Metropole Toulon Provence Mediterranee manages to use sourcing as a real lever to get closer to its objectives, whether they are organizational, economic or linked to its purchasing policy in favor of innovation and a sustainable, social and solidarity economy.

The waste management department was looking for a digital solution to communicate with users. We launched a research on Silex to identify solutions and find innovations in use and product or process. We managed to identify the only existing solution on the market, and we were able to sign them under the rules for innovative purchasing. Today, this solution is deployed to all users.

Laurent Lequilliec, Head of the Prospective & Performance of Purchasing Department at Metropole Toulon Provence Mediterranee

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