Reduces sourcing time by 90% with Silex

90 %

time saved compared to manual sourcing

30 %

Savings compared to a purchase project that was not properly sourced

Increased responsiveness

Buyers and responses more suited to the requests of prescribers

To meet the challenge of the digital transformation of procurement, Randstad calls on Silex to help its buyers improve their sourcing capabilities and gain in agility.

About Randstad

The Randstad Group is the world leader in human resources services. Present in 40 countries, it is also a major player in employment in France.

Randstad’s purchasing department is made up of a team of five buyers who cover all the group’s expenses in France with the exception of IT purchases.

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provided by Silex to Randstad

Crucial issues

Digitize and professionalize the procurement function

When carrying out its digital transformation, Randstad’s Procurement department aims to professionalize the function while gaining in efficiency. Its buyers needed new, easy-to-use business tools to facilitate the transition and benefit from an optimal user experience.

The challenge

Reduce the time dedicated to sourcing to improve procurement performance

Lack of time to focus on sourcing

Decline in procurement performance

Lack of access
to data

Difficulties in finding alternative suppliers

Lack of tools

Decline in operational efficiency

The results

Economic gain

500 euros per year and per supplier thanks to the reduction in the cost of data management


90% working time saved compared to manual sourcing

Monitoring of the supplier environment

Through access to reliable data updated in real time

By sourcing with Silex, Randstad buyers save up to 90% in working time compared to manual sourcing. They spend on average less than 2 hours per sourcing and can therefore integrate this task into their daily activities.

Buyers have also gained in operational efficiency thanks to access to reliable and up-to-date data, accessible on a single tool. It is therefore no longer necessary to navigate between different tools to find the desired information. This has also made it possible to reduce the costs of accessing and managing supplier data, which represents around 500 euros in savings per year and per supplier.

The integration of Silex has thus largely contributed to the improvement of procurement performance, better control of the supplier environment and the rise in maturity of the procurement department within the group.

Discover the solutions provided by Silex to Randstad

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