Region Sud

Up to 1.5 million in savings for a single contract thanks to sourcing with Silex


A competition rate 2 times higher than before

1.5 million
€ in savings

In a contract thanks to the discovery of a new supplier

of sourcing

Better knowledge of the supplier market

From its creation, the procurement department of the Region Sud decided to equip itself with a sourcing tool to become more professional and save money. Region Sud chose Silex to optimize and secure the practice of sourcing and thus improve its performance.

About Region Sud

Each year, Region Sud spends an average of 350 million euros. The procurement department now has 10 people, including an assistant director and a department head. All purchases are organized semi-centrally with 25% of the amounts listed managed by the procurement department. The rest is taken care of directly by the prescribers and the directions of each service.

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Crucial issues

Generalize the practice of sourcing within Region Sud

Sourcing allows public buyers to consult economic operators to better prepare their markets and thus avoid unsuccessful procedures. The practice has been included since 2015 in the order of July 25 relating to public procurement in order to encourage public purchasers to use it, in particular to promote compliance with the principle of equal treatment between candidates.

The Region Sud procurement department wishes to promote the practice of sourcing to meet legal obligations, but also to strengthen competition in its panels and improve its economic performance.

The challenge

Achieve purchasing savings by increasing the rate of competition in the supplier panels

Lack of knowledge of the supplier market

Difficulties in finding alternatives

Insufficient call for competition

Weakened economic performance

Legal securing

Improving transparency and ensuring the principle of equal treatment

Thanks to sourcing, the Region Sud procurement team obtains, on average, a competition rate per consultation twice as high as the rate observed for other procurement teams in the region.

Thomas Barrett

Category buyer and purchasing trainer, Region Sud

The results

Competition and economic gain

A rate of competition 2 times higher in the supplier panels than before, promoting purchasing savings

Coverage of sourcing

Standardization of sourcing in the organization and better knowledge of suppliers

Transparency and legal certainty

The duties of neutrality and transparency are respected

The use of Silex has made it possible to generalize sourcing, not only for purchases managed by the procurement department, but also throughout the organization. Prescribers are satisfied with the choices made by the service. As proof: they regularly turn to them to ask them to carry out sourcing.

The centralization of data on Silex facilitates the sharing of information within the organization. Purchasing also benefits from monitoring, mapping and reporting tools to communicate more easily on its actions and results.

The generalization of sourcing has enabled us to make very good savings. In some markets, prescribers assured us that there was no competition, but thanks to sourcing, we have identified new suppliers who can meet these needs. For example, in a market that had not had a renewal for years, we changed provider after sourcing and achieved savings of 1.5 million on the entire contract.

Jean Michel Durand

Head of Procurement Department, Region Sud

Discover the solutions provided by Silex to Region Sud

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