Bretagne Region

The Bretagne Region relies on Silex
to improve the performance of public procurement

15 suppliers

Identified on average per project

75% of contracts

Awarded to companies in the region

200 users

already deployed

As an innovative region and a forerunner in digitization, the Bretagne Region launched a major project to digitalize it’s procurement departement in 2017. The procurement department chose Silex to help set up a digital supplier sourcing platform in order to bring together supply and demand and improve the visibility of the region’s purchases.

About the Bretagne Region

Each year, the Bretagne Region devotes between 250 and 300 million euros of its budget to public procurement and carries out an average of 800 contracts and concessions per year. Its purchases are divided into 9 different areas such as supplies, intellectual services, mobility & transport, or IT purchases.

Procurement in the region is decentralized and managed by the 22 operational departments, supported by a Procurement Policy Department and a Legal Studies and Advice Department.

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Crucial issues

Transforming and digitizing public procurement to serve an ambitious and responsible procurement policy

The Bretagne Region is committed to making its Purchasing policy a real instrument of public policy in favour of employment, innovation and the economic development of the region. In 2018, it adopted its economically responsible purchasing plan, which aims to transform public procurement into a real lever of action for performance.

The digital transformation of Procurement then becomes the keystone of this ambitious plan. The Bretagne Region has chosen to organize its public procurement “as-a-platform” in order to meet the challenge of more efficient and more responsible procurement. It includes an online public procurement marketplace, an observatory of public procurement data to ensure transparency in public procurement, and a digital supplier sourcing platform.

The development of the practice of sourcing was one of the objectives of our economically responsible purchasing plan, in particular with a view to improving the access of economic operators to public procurement. The use of a dedicated digital platform allows for efficient and secure sourcing of suppliers, while increasing the traceability of exchanges.

Céline Faivre,

General Director of Digital, Purchasing and Legal at Region Bretagne

The challenge

Digitize all early procurement processes

to create a public procurement platform

Bringing supply and demand together

Facilitate exchanges between buyers and service providers

Unsuccessful call for competition

Impact on economic performance

Knowledge of the supplier market

Difficulty in identifying new suppliers and innovative solutions

The results

Fully dematerialized procurement processes

to improve the performance of public procurement

Economic Performance

15 suppliers identified on average per project for increased competition

Knowledge of the supplier market

For a procurement policy and objectives that are better adapted to the reality of the market

CSR performance and local suppliers

75% of contracts awarded to local companies and better identification of innovative companies and operators from the social economy

The Bretagne Region performs very well in terms of sustainable procurement and economic performance.

Thanks to supplier sourcing, it manages to award 19% of its contracts to first-time asignee, but also to source from local companies. Thus, 75% of its contracts are awarded to companies in the region.

It is also spearheading highly innovative approaches to public procurement, as evidenced by the “observatoire des données de l’Achat public”, which is accessible to all and aims to promote transparency in public procurement.

Thanks to a better understanding of the market acquired through sourcing, we manage, for example, more easily to target players in the social and solidarity economy, and those in integration and disability. It has become an essential lever for the success of our purchasing strategy.

Céline Faivre,

General Director of Digital, Purchasing and Legal at Region Bretagne

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provided by Silex to Bretagne Region

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