Optimizes its sourcing with Silex to improve its procurement performance

90 %

Time saved compared to manual sourcing

30 %

Savings compared to a purchase project that was not properly sourced

Increased responsiveness

Buyers and responses more suited to the requests of prescribers

When Limagrain carried out its digital transformation, the Purchasing department seeked to improve its responsiveness to internal requests, but didn’t have an efficient tool to search for new suppliers. Limagrain’s Purchasing department therefore turned to Silex to provide them with a turnkey solution.

About Limagrain

Limagrain is a French agricultural cooperative that is one of the world’s leading seed producers. The group’s procurement coordination department is made up of five people: a director, two coordinators, a person dedicated to IT purchasing and a person in charge of the quality.

The Global Procurement Department carries out global projects at the service of relatively autonomous business departments. There is also a Purchasing department within each of the group’s subsidiaries.

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provided by Silex to Limagrain

Crucial issues

optimizes its sourcing with Silex to improve its Purchasing performance

The Limagrain Group Global Procurement Department wishes to bring more value to the various Departments as well as to the Procurement Departments of the various subsidiaries. It wishes to amplify its digital transformation by providing business tools that optimize purchasing processes to facilitate the work of buyers and improve purchasing performance.

The challenge

Improve sourcing procedures while adapting to other existing Purchasing IS tools

Lack of a suitable solution for sourcing

Lack of responsiveness from buyers

Lack of knowledge of the supplier market

Difficulties in finding alternatives to challenge supplier panels

Insufficient competition

Weakened economic performance

The results

Increase in competition

30% savings compared to a purchase project that was not properly sourced


90% time saved compared to manual sourcing

Increased responsiveness

Improved level of service and satisfaction of prescribers

The procurement team, which manages strategic purchasing, regularly uses the tool to source a wide variety of categories: transport, energy, digital, equipment rental, handling and logistics, cleaning, etc.

Silex makes it easier for Limagrain to identify local partners: 80% of companies sourced are spread over three regions. In addition, the service also manages to target more SMEs, which represent the vast majority of companies sourced with Silex. Discovering new suppliers has allowed buyers to increase competition in their panels and save money, while improving their operational efficiency.

Since the implementation of Silex, the Procurement department has improved its results and the quality of its service and has earned it many positive feedbacks from internal prescribers.

Discover the solutions
provided by Silex to Limagrain

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