The GHT Rhone Vercors Vivarais

professionalizes its sourcing and meets the challenges of health sector procurement with Silex

Accelerated supplier sourcing

Through automation and access to data

Zero unsuccessful call for competition

Through improved competition

Targeting local and innovative companies

Thnaks to qualified data

Health sector procurement requires innovative responses and a high level of responsiveness from purocurement teams, as highlighted by the COVID-19 crisis. The Procurement department of the GHT Rhone Vercors Vivarais (RVV), which has been pooled between 10 establishments, is facing the same challenges. In order to provide the best possible answers, buyers use Silex to benefit from an exhaustive and detailed knowledge of the offer and improve the attractiveness of their call for competition.

About the GHT Rhone Vercors Vivarais

The GHT Rhone Vercors Vivarais is a grouping of hospital territory, located in the Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes region, which includes 10 establishments ranging from hospitals to EHPAD. The GHT Rhone Vercors Vivarais Procurement Department handles a significant volume of purchases of more than 15 million euros per year. Expenditures are divided between biomedical, medical, general services, constructions, technical purchases, and equipment and furniture. Including pharmacy purchases, the amount is 147 million euros.

Discover the solutions provided by Silex to GHT Rhone Vercors Vivarais

Crucial issues

Respond to complex and specific hospital purchasing needs while following the objectives of public procurement

As a public institution, GHT Procurement department has the mission to follow the objectives of public procurement, which include the optimization of economic performance, the access of VSEs/SMEs to public procurement, social and environmental performance, and innovation. In the medical sector, there is a constant need for innovative solutions, but these are complex to purchase and require a very good knowledge of the market. However, the lack of tools or data can be a barrier to performance in health sector procurement. Thus, the buyers of the GHT RVV do not always have sufficient knowledge to identify the operators compatible with their needs and to capture innovation.

In addition, the GHT RVV buyers must also ensure a duty of transparency and be able to measure and communicate on their activity both to the general public and to their management.

In order to face this complexity, the GHT Procurement department has started a process of professionalization and rationalization of their procurement.

For the moment, the most reliable for us is Silex because we have clear information with the registration number, the site and all the elements we need to make our decisions. We are finally able to get to know our local suppliers.

Dominique Del-Jultat, Purchasing Manager at GHT Rhone Vercors Vivarais

The challenge

Professionalizing sourcing and the purchasing profession to improve performance in hospital purchasing

Lack of technological solution

Loss of time and efficiency

Low supplier diversity

Reduced purchasing performance and innovation

Lack of call for competition attractiveness

Risk of unsuccessful bids


Innovation and local purchasing

Easier identification and targeting of local and innovative companies

Professionalization of sourcing

Comprehensive, reliable and fast sourcing. Steering and monitoring of purchasing projects

Knowledge of the markets

Expanded supplier panels and no more unsuccessful bids

Since the acquisition of Silex, GHT RVV purchases are no longer subject to unsuccessful call for competition. Access to this source of information has enabled GHT buyers to improve and deepen their knowledge of markets by sector. The available data allows them to make decisions in line with their strategies and objectives. They regularly carry out monitoring prior to sourcing and launching the drafting of the tenders. Thanks to the information provided, they are able to quickly assess the innovative character of a supplier thanks to the certificates of exclusivity it possesses.

This knowledge enables them to adapt their specifications to the existing offer and to promote access to their public procurement for local, innovative and more efficient suppliers. For example, they were able to identify a start-up offering a solution to dematerialize the tracking of room cleaning, which saved them considerable time.

Silex helps us a lot because we realize that we have everything we need locally. For example, for the delivery of safety shoes, we used to buy from a large European distributor. We launched a sourcing with Silex and we realized that the manufacturer was in our department in Ardeche. Today, we no longer pay for delivery.

Dominique Del-Jultat, Purchasing Manager at GHT Rhone Vercors Vivarais

Discover the solutions provided by Silex to GHT Rhone Vercors Vivarais

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