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VINCI Energies accelerates the search for local contractors
with Silex

10 buyers

Deployed and trained within hours

5000 suppliers

Identified and connected to the Silex database

Targeted sourcing

The integration of ethical, social and environmental criteria

The Power and Mobility division of VINCI Energies International and Systems works with local contractors on a daily basis for its projects, but the lack of tools and access to data hinders the search for providers. The Procurement department therefore called upon Silex to harmonize the sourcing process and facilitate the identification of new suppliers.

About VINCI Energies

VINCI Energies is a subsidiary of the VINCI Group, expert in services related to transport, energy and infrastructure, with annual sales of around €15.1 billion. With 1,800 companies around the world, VINCI Energies offers its expertise internationally in a wide range of business segments.

The activities of the Power and Mobility division, which contacted Silex, focus on transport infrastructure and renewable energy. The Procurement department of the division is made up of 10 buyers who coordinate purchases throughout France.

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Crucial issues

Identify local suppliers for work sites throughout France

VINCI Energies carries out projects throughout France and regularly needs to call on contractors. Power and Mobility buyers are responsible for identifying these providers and must take many factors into account when sourcing.

Proximity is one of the major criteria to take into account when selecting contractors. As they are usually civil engineering companies, they should preferably be located near the construction sites to avoid increased costs and logistical constraints. The second constraint is time, as VINCI Energies teams must identify available contractors on very short notice.

In addition, VINCI Energies wishes to implement ethical, social and environmental criteria in its purchasing to meet its CSR objectives. Buyers therefore have a mission to promote local purchasing to reduce carbon footprint, but also to increase the volume of purchases from the social economy.

The creation of a pre-qualified supplier list on Silex allows us to save a lot of time. With the open data on France alone, we have enough data to refine our pre-selection and sourcing.

Emmanuel Segui, Purchasing Manager at VINCI Energies

The challenge

Facilitate access to data to simplify and accelerate supplier search and evaluation

Lack of a shared tool

Limited internal collaboration

Lack of comprehensive data

Ineffective or unsuccessful sourcing

Dispersion of the data

Long and tedious searches


Implementation of CSR* criteria

Easier identification and targeting of Social Economy companies

Time saving

2 hours on average to create a list of suppliers with automated sourcing

Risk management

Access to exhaustive, reliable and up-to-date data for better supplier knowledge

*Corporate Social Responsibility

The implementation of Silex has not only allowed Procurement to accelerate and facilitate the identification of new suppliers, but also to streamline processes and improve information sharing. Data is automatically collected and pooled to capitalize on knowledge.

VINCI Energies can thus address strategic CSR issues such as reducing carbon footprint and improving environmental performance. For example, buyers can more easily identify suppliers with environmental labels or certifications, such as the RGE label (Reconnu Garant de l’Environnement). In order to develop the social component of their purchasing strategy, they can also target companies in the Social Economy sector, in particular adapted companies or ESATs (Etablissement et service d’aide par le travail) in their search.

VINCI Energies also uses Silex’s enriched supplier data to monitor its reputational impact and comply with new regulations, such as the duty of vigilance towards its suppliers.

Thanks to Silex, we now have a single point of entry to search and select contractors. We also have a large concentration of data which allows us to benefit from a 360° vision of suppliers, thanks to the exhaustiveness and relevance of the information available.

Emmanuel Segui, Purchasing Manager at VINCI Energies

Discover the solutions
provided by Silex to VINCI Energies

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